Monday, March 2, 2009

Monster Trucks!!!

We had such a fantastic time at the monster trucks! Josh ate like he'd never seen food before, ran around like mad and laughed and cheered the whole night.
At the end of the racing and truck section, the guy who runs it, Clive, actually came over and gave Josh his own brand new racing helmet! As you can imagine, Josh was beside himself and hasn't let it out of his sight yet. The generosity of these people is amazing, they gave the kids the best seats in the house, posters, toys, hats, flags, DVDs and of course the incredible helmet. The kids also got to see fireworks for the first time. It was a night they will never forget and so well done. Thank you so much to everyone involved and also to Poppy for organising this very special treat!




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Rochelle said...

Hi Hannah :)

Thx for your note :) your blog is great! I love seeing what you guys are getting up to when you're not visiting us lol

Anika is so growing up... they do that way too quick!

Josh is looking great! Looks like he had a ball with the Monster Trucks :D

Good to see!

Shell :)