Monday, October 26, 2009

A Joshy Rainbow
Anika and Ethan in Busselton

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Movie Premiere

There has been a lot happening over the last few months but very little that really MATTERS! The first and only very important thing which has been happening is that our very special little friend Imogen has been getting out there and enjoying life! Well done for her and Fee, Jas, Kody and Ashton. They should be admired for making the most of the time they have together rather than getting bogged down with grief. That's not to say they aren't totally devastated and have times of mourning the future they rightly deserve. To continue being a family is what these amazing people can do for their little girl and themselves and it will help them heal over time I am sure.

I just don't want anyone to forget that just because Joshys battle is done does not mean there aren't thousands of kids fighting this war right at this moment. We can't become complacent about children's cancer, it is a terrible thing for a family to suffer and if all the people who have been touched by these horrific diseases band together to find better treatments to lead to the holy grail "CURE" surely the powers that be have to listen.

So, in order to feel like I am helping to make a consious effort to combat cancer I am organising a movie premiere, raffle and woodwork auction from 5.15pm on 5th November of The Time Traveller's Wife. Neuroblastoma affects my life everyday just with the simple fact that Josh is no longer physically in it and also that our gorgeous friend Immie still has her battle to fight. This epidemic has affected so many of my wonderful friends and their families.

Anika is happy at daycare on Mondays and other than still having trouble with reflux and sleeping she is doing really well. She talks about Joshy every day a dozen or so times, often just little comments like "look mum, a rainbow, Josh sent it for us, Hi Joshy!!!" or "Josh really liked green" or "Can I hold Joshy's elephant?" (a jade elephant I found after Josh died, he would have loved it it is little and Anika often holds it when she is sad or upset). I am very happy she isn't afraid to talk about/to him but when she turns to me with tears in her eyes saying that she misses him I wish I could spare her from the hurt we all feel.

I am still looking for part-time work with no success so far. Maybe the universe is telling me something but I am finding it hard to listen right now with all the noise that is going on in my head. I am struggling to sleep too.

Thanks for listening,