Monday, June 29, 2009

What has been happening

Well, so much has happened in the last six weeks yet so little! We have recently been to Perth to hopefully catch up with everyone (not very successful as no-one was at RMH, Megazone was shut and our fave Captain Starlight Lisa was not there either!). We did get to say hi to Dr Felicity our little man's champion consultant, a few of the sweet nurses and Hil at "the desk" and of course beautiful and always lovely Ranita. We also made it to the zoo where the elephants actually came up to the wire to say hi to us! We saw my dad and Peter's too (where we stayed), visited our special friend Alison from RMH in hospital and briefly caught up with Lara, Peter's sweet cousin.

Fudge has been in and had "the snip" and tried to get his big hernia fixed - it didn't work - and is missing Josh but also being a big comfort to us. We collected Josh's ashes last week which was almost as hard as his funeral and Fudgey is always good for a cuddle when you feel rotten.

Anika of course misses Josh very badly but doesn't get too upset now, she's just lonely, not used to being an only child. We are planning to get her into daycare a day a week soon so she can be around other kids a bit more often. Otherwise she is great, so beautiful and kind and clever.

We had a very special visit last week from our PMH friend Immie and her beautiful mum Fee. They stayed with friends on Thursday and Friday night but during the day we had a ball at the pool and playcentre. Anika hasn't stopped talking about Immie ever since although at the time, they were of course grumpy with each other. It is so good to have incredible friends like that who truly understand and care enough to come all the way from Perth to see us. Thank you so much, it was so amazing to see you, outside the hospital for the first time too!

The photos are from Joshy's funeral (thanks Abby), you can see the kids having fun, it is exactly what he would have wanted.

We are mostly OK. Sometimes the world fails to spin on it's axis, but for the main part we are all getting through each day with all limbs intact.
Keep remembering his beautiful heart and capacity to love, it is the glue that holds my pieces together,