Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Week of Surprises

Well, it has been a really strange few days! Josh and I did not get up to the hospital at eight thirty as we were meant to as I turned the alarm off, got up and Josh cried for me to come back and cuddle him for a while as he had slept in my bed for the night. Anika had stayed at Grannys house but I still didn't get to rest so I went back to sleep and didn't wake up again until 8.45! Oops...by the time the Emla (numbing cream) had done it's work on Josh's port it was almost 10.00 so we were up in hospital until 4.45. After heading to grandmas for yummy tea, Josh fell asleep on the lounge at 5.00 and I woke him at 8.00 and after half hour of being half awake was back to sleep until 6.00am!

During the course of the previous two days the leg pain had become much worse so it was obvious we needed to go to two full Fentanyl patches for the pain as that huge number of boosters of Oxycodone without constant relief is hard on Josh's emotional state and his bowels (sorry if it was too intimate for non cancer mums!)

Aside from the pain, we had a good first day with everything running smoothly once again thanks to the lovely Jo. The sleeping as a side effect of the Fentanyl is very common and good timing as he really nedded a lot of rest just now.

Anika also decided on Sunday to have a little "trim" while mummy cooked tea (see photo) and the resulting haircut made her very proud of her efforts - I was quite impressed too considering how neat it is - and said "Now I look just like Jassy!". Daddy was not quite so enthusiastic about it but she is happy so I am happy too. No more hairbrushing battles for a while!
Day two of chemo on Tuesday looked promising as we were actually on time (Jo for once was running late) but it very soon became clear this was no ordinary day! As soon as the blood came back frothy we knew it was not right, tissue around the port got sore and puffy with flushing so we took the needle out and re-needled (with no Emla might I add, what a brave boy!). Still the same so after an X-Ray which was scary for Josh, we saw the diaphragm on top of the port you stick the needle into was leaking.
To cut a long story short we are heading to Hotel PMH in the morning to have a port inserted on the other side and the old one removed. We are hoping to get the scans done at the same time and go to Australian Hearing and do fun things like the zoo and AqWA at the same time too so it is half business and half pleasure! Pending scan results we will either stay for the chemo or stop it altogether and make Josh as comfortable as possible.
We have our fingers and toes crossed for sweet Immie and her fantastic family for great scan results tomorrow. See you up there my loves.XXX
You won't hear from me til we get home from Perth so will update in a couple of weeks probably. Until then stay safe and keep well.
All my love,
PS. Wish us luck for a safe surgery! We can use every little bit right now.

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