Friday, February 27, 2009


It has been such a great week and a half or so for us with a brilliant outing for me going for cocktails with my favourite chicky babe Laura. I had such a great time, it is great to laugh and feel, definately NOT normal with us together...more like back to the crazy way we used to be! Josh spent all bar two days having blood counts taken, or blood or platelet transfusions (platelets got down to 7 this time, VERY low). We had a home visit from the lovely Dr Mildenhall who is looking after Josh after I called Silver Chain when I got concerned at the number and location of his Petichiae (sp?) - little burst blood vessels under the surface of the skin caused by low platelets.
I also have to say how completely proud we are of our baby Anika who is so grown up now! She has toilet trained (flipping finally!) after her beautiful best mate Jasmine showed her how. So easy now she is cooperating and is doing it of her own accord. Another milestone thanks to the lovely Laura is that our beautiful Neeks got to go for her first swimming lesson on Thursday! This is a huge deal for her as she just loves the water and used to go swimming with Peter a lot when Josh and I were in Perth alone or when he was up in clinic but now he is working more she misses out. When Laura asked if Anika would want to go with Jassy I was so excited for her and as you can see from the photos, she was a very happy camper! Many many thanks to Roara and Jas for taking her.
Tomorrow we are having more excitement with a preview of the Monster Truck Madness show that is on tomorrow night. We get to have a look in the trucks tomorrow morning, have a free ticket for the family and Josh can have a ride in one of the trucks as well as a spot close to the ring for our car so he won't get cold in the night and will be protected if it rains. Thank you so much to my awesomw dad for organising this in exchange for his work for them, I know it will be hard to wipe the smile off his face after that!!!
We had a yummy lunch at Dome with my equally yummy mum today who deserves a very big mention for looking after Anika constantly when I need to take Joshy to the hospital, both of them when I need to do non-kid friendly stuff and me when I am tearing my hair out. Mum you are a legend!
Josh has been eating like a champ and has actually put on half a kilo since he started this cycle of chemo which is just unheard of. Not only if he coping better with the chemo, his blood counts are actually the highest they have been at this stage of the cycle and in fact he could actually go ahead with chemo a week early for the next cycle, he is that great! I attribute that 1000% to having chemo in Albany and we just got the nod from the brilliant head of oncology at PMH Cathy Cole to go ahead with chemo in Albany indefinately as she can see no reason for him to go up to Perth with things as they stand! That is huge news and so fantastic for Josh, it just means a whole different lifestyle for us and a much happier and healthier little boy.
We have also been seeing a bit more of my sweet little nephew Seth. He is such a sweet little boy and I am afraid to say that he makes me feel overly clucky. It is so nice for the kids to have a cousin they can see so much of as their other cousins in Busselton are not close to them in age and we don't get to see them that often though it has been more often in the last year.
Lastly, we had a lovely phone call from Josh's OT/fiancee/favourite person ever Ranita. Se is so beautiful, when you talk to her you can actually HEAR her smiling with her voice! It was so nice to hear from her and know she was thinking of us as we have been thinking of her a lot especially lately. Ranita is what we miss most about being in PMH when we are home.
Tam, I had a great time last night poking and prodding you (we weren't making fun of you, honest!).



Love from Us

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