Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We have a few bits of great news to share with you all! Firstly Josh's scans...were almost the same!!! This means the chemo is doing it's job and controlling the progression. The report says that there is no disease spread since last scan but the diseased bones are "more MIBG avid in the current study" which means the disease is more dense in his spine, skull, pelvis, legs and arms (everywhere it was before).

Secondly, wait for it, he is able to have chemo in Albany! This is a HUGE deal for him as you know as the travelling is getting painful and missing Fudgey puppy is getting harder on him. On the flip side, we will miss all of you so much so Josh has demanded that we offer if any of you want a holiday in Albany you must stay with us. Soon. Thank you all for your kindness and encouragement, we are not sure if it will be every second cycle of chemo at home or even more but we know how important this is as far as stability, eating, sleeping and everything else goes.

Josh has been really well although with his increasing pain he is now on some heavier medication - Fentanyl patches - which is controlling the pain very well. Other than that, he has had a few off days and one of vomiting but has coped so well as ever and other than not really walking much and sleeping until 11.30 each morning he is back to "normal". His hair started falling out again yesterday and is almost gone now and is really itching him!

Anika is a little miss as usual and has been getting into EVERYTHING! She and Fudge are as thick as thieves and can be found bouncing naked on the trampoline together each morning followed by eating slaters (Fudge) and digging for slaters and collecting them (Anika). She has been loving taking him for walks and swimming at the beach as well as doing all her girly things like dressing up and nail polish. Everywhere we go little old ladies say "isn't she lovely".

Peter and I are fine with Pete getting a bit of work of late which is great for his mental health (and ours!) and gets him back to feeling a bit better about himself. We are getting out and about as much as we can with the kids doing all sorts of things like visiting WhaleWorld, beaches, and the parks. It has been great to see them looking so carefree and not taking life too seriously for a change.

Lastly Fudge our little bundle of love is the best companion, friend and pet we could ever ask for. He is 1000% the right dog for us and is just so happy to see us each and every day. He brings so much love into our house and I can't believe there was a time we did without him. He comforts Josh when he is in pain, offers licks to wake you up and gets along with every single dog or person he comes across. I dare you not to smile when you see his picture, is perfectly epitomises his personality - happy, happy, happy!

Love, hugs and kisses,

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