Friday, July 18, 2008

Firstly, just to let you know that I will probably not be blogging much if at all over the next few weeks due to a huge workload in starting this great big chunk of lecturing I took on before "the big news" and Joshies scans, ENT & WA Institute For Deaf Education trip to Perth as well as Anika's birthday on the 16th Aug. I am tired just thinking about it!!!

We have had a good week with Aaron here with us and the littler ones...well, they have been right little so and so's! I have never seen kids fight so much!!! Joshy has been waking me up at night again at least twice a night (good bye deep sleeps) and Anika has been wetting thru all her clothing and bedding every couple of nights (even with nappies on). They have been so hyper, must be the full moon and the huge raging storms?! Otherwise we've had a good time with a viewing of Kung Fu Panda yesterday with Anika doing her demonic cackle in the appropriate places and Josh doing a 4yr old version of Kung Fu one the seats in front (sorry to the movie goers in the front row!). They have also been fishing, "helping" mummy with the cleaning and beating up Michael and Baldy when they visited on Tuesday night! Here's to a better sleep tonight~!!~!

On a sadder note, a message to the most lovely family in the shadow of your terrible news. Ree, Dean, Kai and darling, amazing, beautiful Blakey; we love you and wish every second for everything to be a bad dream, you are the best family your lovely boy could ever have had and he is as lucky to have you as you are to have him. Anyone who prays, please pray for this incredibly brave and long suffering little man and his family, if you could feel a drop of their pain, you would understand their courage and love for their son. All our love, hugs and happy memories to you little man. XXX


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