Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Daily News!

Well, I just realised that I haven't even said what happened when the Make a Wish ladies came (Mandy, Marissa, Chris and Sherrie)!!! They were so lovely and they hadn't even got through the door before Josh blurted out "I want to go to the circus and ride bumper cars and I want to pat an elephant for my wish!" He was so excited that he actually asked me to turn the clock forwards to 2 o'clock so it would be almost time to see them!

After a long discussion with Josh and asking him about his favourite things, the ladies suggested a 7 night trip to the Gold Coast and visits to SeaWorld (to complete the wish of seeing a dolphin up close), MovieWorld (to ride on the dodgem cars and other kiddy rides and meet Josh's favourite TV characters from Looney Tunes) and Australia Zoo to achieve his most cherished wish of patting a real live elephant!!! How amazing is that?! We were just speechless and I am so very happy that Josh was able to communicate what his most treasured wishes are and that Aaron will be able to come with us!

It was very quiet at home last night - I passed my Auslan test though, thank god - and I was getting the blues the same way I do every second night Josh is away. First night I can deal with, it's the second night that always gets me.

Passing on love and rainbows to our very special little friend Imogen who has been admitted to 3B for a Port infection and wishing her a very fast recovery. We hope the port can be saved. Fee, you are a wonderful mummy!

Love, laughter and Looney Tunes,


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