Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aaron's Birthday

Cutting the cake (so delish)

Birthday Boy

What a poser! At Muttonbird Island.

It's not Baywatch, it's Boofwatch...or is that Woofwatch?

Hi everyone...we have been so busy over the last few weeks!!!
Firstly we have had Aaron staying with us for the last two weeks. This year we did not have him for christmas but got to spend his birthday with him which was great! We have spent the time he has been here visiting the beach, pool, going to the movies, playing heaps of Wii and just chilling out. For his birthday we had a quiet (ish) pizza night with family and a beautiful icecream cake from Granny (thanks very much for making Aaron's day so special). I think (hope) his 15th birthday was think when I met him he was an adorable 5yr old just starting school and now he is almost a *gulp* MAN! Makes me feel a lot older than 28!!!
I have started full-time work at Lincolns Accounting and Business Management! Yes, I have a "grown-up job" now and can pay bills, wear a bluetooth headset and answer phones! It was quick but exciting to start the day after I was offered the position on Monday. So far I am loving it! Ask me again on Monday evening after my first day out of training and flying solo and it may be a different story!!! Seriously tho, they are wonderful people there and I feel I will be very happy and will slot in well. The job is a very demanding one being for such a large firm and having such a vital job range so I will enjoy the challenge. The atmosphere in that office should be bottled, so positive and supportive. I sound like a Lincolns recruiting agent!
We are all well with no major problems, just plodding along. We have our down days but we have fantastic support from family and friends that I for one never feel lonely or alone which I think is really important for bereaved families. I hope my other angel mummies get as much love and understanding as I do. By the way, thanks so much Mille for the chat this morning, you are a great friend.
I am so looking forward to the pitter patter of little McKenzie feet, roll on March! You'd think it was me who was expecting. Only a few weeks to go til we get to cuddle (smother with love) the new little princess. AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love babies! I wanted to just squeeze Sebastian this morning, he is so yummy.
Have a happy smiley Sunday and think of me braving it without my Svengali Marie on Monday, whatta girl she is, I am sad she has to leave for me to start there!

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