Thursday, September 3, 2009

Recent Events

It's been ages since I posted but once again it seems like so much has happened but really so little. We have had tea out at Dylans as a family which is nice and also had nights at Mums and my Mum-in-laws for yummy food. We have been visiting Josh's plaque every week once or twice and leaving flowers for him. We also found some freesias someone else left for him which is so nice of them.

Anika has been having fun bikeriding and taking Fudge for walks and on visits to Grandmas house to play with Jedda. She had a FANTASTIC birthday party and was given lots of lovely presents. She especially loved the presents from her "away" friends Immie, Emma and Alana and her cousins Molly and George. I think she likes the idea that they are still thinking about her even though she can't see them.

On Monday she announced to me that she was going to be a doctor or nurse to help sick people and do their makeup (she will also be a part-time makeup artist - her words, not mine!). She will also have two kids; reduced from nine now thankfully, a boy and a girl. The girl will be Cloe after the Bratz character and the boy will be called Joshy. "Then I can have my Joshy back" she said and refused to believe it would not be the same Joshy and that many other kids have the same name but aren't the same person as our Josh.

My adventure at hospital last week is all sorted out and no more tetanus needles for me for a while! It wasn't fun but no damage done.

Sales of the "Josh's Bears" have been going really well thanks to my lovely mum (another $550 banked yesterday - a total of $945 from bear sales) and the Everyday Heroes page has gone up again. I am going to try and book the movie premiere of Mao's Last Dancer to boost the total. It will be in the middle of October and tickets will be $22 each. If we fill the cinema that will mean we will have another $3000 to add on and I may even try to do two premieres over the next 4 months before christmas. So...if anyone wants tickets, let me know and when it is all confirmed I will let you know. Bears are in Kingdom Kare, TumbleJam, Albany Occasional Daycare, ABC Learning, Rainbow Daycare, Albany Regional Daycare, Family House North Rd, YMCA Early Learning Centre and we are hoping to move thm around to different locations over the next couple of months. I am also purchasing 25 bears to take up to Perth to PMH on Josh's birthday to give to the kids in 3B Oncology as a sort of double present, the money ($375) goes to Childrens Cancer Institute of Australia and the kids get the heatpacks for their sore bones and tummies.

I hope everyone is happy and well and wishing all the Daddies a Happy Fathers Day for on Sunday.


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