Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Message to My Family

"I know your heart is breaking
as you try to understand.
I know that things didn't turn out
as you and I had planned.

But know that I am safe now,
away from all life's harm
and know that when I left you ,
I walked into God's sweet arms.

I know you waited by my side;
I heard the prayers you said.
Your voice and touch were comforting
as you stood beside my bed.

And though I couldn't tell you,
I knew that you were there.
I felt your hand in mine,
I heard you whisper in my ear.

I know you think I'm gone from you,
but dear ones, I am close.
I'd never leave alone the ones
God knows I love the most.

In your dreams I'll come to you,
we'll visit for a while.
I'll touch your hand and kiss your cheek;
we'll laugh and share a smile.

Please know that I'm at peace now,
and grateful for the chance.
For in the presence of the Lord,
with angels I now dance.

Though Heaven stands between us,
we'll never be apart:
For nothing separates
the love of those joined at the heart."

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