Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pray for the Holmes Family

I am just posting to ask all of you to please pray/think of/send happy and positive thoughts to our beautiful friends Fee, Jason, Kody and amazing Immie who is now fighting her third bout of Neuroblastoma. I don't know much about her condition but I do know how incredibly wonderful and courageous that sweet little girl is. I can't hold myself together at the moment so it might be a bit garbled.

Sometimes I just hate the world we live in for all the crap and horrific things that happen to people I love so much. Whatever you've got, they need it right now. Feeling this way is close enough to how I feel when we were going through all this with Josh. And these beautiful people have gone through this news TWICE now but they get back up and keep going. Also please pray for a safe arrival for the tiny new Holmes baby boy who is due to arrive in less than three weeks into the middle of this chaos.

Fee, anything, any time. Immie we love you so much and we're coming to see you soon. If love could get Immie through this she would be cured by now but it doesn't hurt to send it to give them all strength. The blog is have a look and leave a message of support, this family is just amazing and have been such good friends to us.


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