Monday, April 6, 2009


Once again, much has changed the past two days. On Sunday after shuffling pain medications, Josh leapt out of bed (OK, maybe not LEAPT but he actually climbed out) and had a fantastic day! We went to Granny's house, had a quick visit from Tammy to drop off some much appreciated Lasagne and then had a long rest. He was happy and much more settled and actually walking about so I was ecstatic. Today has been pretty much the same with a trip to the doctor with Anika (Josh actually chose to come with her for moral support) and the the nursery and to Grandma's house.
I don't have much time to update a longer post right now, but I had to let you all know how things were going. It is so hard with all the changes to pain medication as just when you think you have got on top of it it increases or changes location again. At this rate Josh should be raring to for his birthday party on Sunday so it is still on for anyone who was wondering. I think Josh understands a lot about what is going on but chooses not to talk about it. I just keep opening conversations so he knows we aren't upset to talk to him if he needs to.
We are singing the praises of Fentanyl patches which Josh is on 50mcgm of now and just wish we had known about them...oh, about two years ago!!!
Thank you for the love and support, after those two very dark days, the last 48hrs have been like a ray of sunshine and we just have to take the darkness with the light.

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