Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Calm after the storm

The last week has been a bit more sanguine although still quite busy. We have still had to avoid my family due to the gastro bug they have been suffering with. We have had some great fun though.

On Sunday we had a nice visit from Pete's old friend Kim and later made a trip to the kids friends Chloe, Lachlan and Jordyn's house for a rare playtime. It is so hard for us all to get together at the same time now due to the dramatically different tangents our lives have taken so it is always nice for the three of us (Laura, Julie and I) to get to have a coffee and a chat. It keeps me sane...well, mostly anyway!

On Monday we had a visit from our great friend Abby who dropped in to say hi and ended up coming to the swimming pool with us. It was nice for her to get to see us doing family stuff instead of just sitting around. After the pool the lovely Lara (Peter's cousin) and Uncle Rob came to say hi which was quite a big deal for us since Lara had to come from Perth to achieve this! It was so nice to see them, they are beautiful people.

On Tuesday we summoned the queen of entertainment -Laura- to come entertain us for a while! After a bit of a play with the kids and showing Josh how to make bottle top badges, we piled into their car and picked Ty up from school. I don't know who was more excited, Ty or Josh and Anika! Then headed out to their place to have a nice long play with Jasmine and Ty. In the midst of phantom dogs, chooks on the roof and wee accidents, we managed a cup of tea and lots of laughs. What would I do without you guys?! Josh adores Laughton and always appreciates the time he spends setting up the XBox or playing computer games with him. The rest of the family are just as wonderful and Ty's antics have definately made me giggle a bit today remembering them. After KFC, Peter's friend Greg dropped in for a few drinks and to say hi to the kids. Happy birthday for today Baldy!

Today has been a quiet one with Josh feeling tired and wanting to rest but this arvo we are expecting a visit from Kim's wife Clare and kids Sam and Lauren then heading to Granny's for tea. We are doing pretty well just now. While Josh is OK, we are OK.



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