Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Well, today we have already had a bit of a challenge with the kids both crying that they did not want me to go to work (although they were very excited to see Granny!)
Josh's face is still looking terrible, in fact it is still getting worse and the sorbolene and vitamin E oil is doing little to help as it is inside his ears and nose that are peeling the worst.
We were very excited to meet the kids brand new cousin Seth who was born on Saturday night! We went up to visit on Sunday afternoon and again Monday morning when I got my first cuddle! So beautiful and it really reminds you how incredible it is to see a gorgeous healthy baby delivered when you have had a child so sick.
The marvellous people from Make A Wish Foundation are due to come and speak to Josh about his wish on the 28th of this month, which is so wonderful. He has been talking about it non-stop and asking if "they are coming today?" every morning?! I am interested to know what he will choose and I am encouraging him to make a go, be or meet wish rather than a "have" one as it would be so nice for all of us to have the experience of seeing him enjoying life and doing something he would never have been able to do otherwise. I think he will probably continue with his plan to go to "a really big zoo and pat the elephants" which I KNOW he would so love and which his long suffering sister could be part of too. In many ways, she has suffered as much as Josh has.
Anika is such a fantastic artist and as soon as I told her Seth had finally arrived, she had to rush off and draw him a birthday card! So cute. She also wants to teach him to sing and dance which she is also very talented at. I am so proud of what a lovely girl she is, and so very beautiful too.

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