Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Camp Quality Event...

Well, the last few days have been a bit of a blur really! On Thursday night I went to the first Albany branch of Make a Wish Foundation big fundraiser. It was a showing of Sex and the City movie with nibbles, wine and raffles beforehand. I went with Mum and Laura (my beautiful best mate) and I had such a great time!!! I met the lady who is coming to talk to Josh about his wish on the 28th (Chris) and we got to sit in the VIP area at the back with nice chairs and footrests. I was given a beautiful bunch of pink and green flowers (gerberas, lilliums, orchids, gladioli, all my favourites) and Mum won two of the raffle prizes - she did buy 20 tickets! - and I also won one, not bad winning almost half of the eight prizes!!! I felt so spoilt and it was fantastic to be there with my favourite people. Plus I really enjoyed the movie.

On Friday we went to Bunbury to stay with Peter's grandfather. Anika screamed for much of the trip but we got there in one piece and just in time for tea. On Saturday after a trip to the shops, we drove to Busselton to see the kids Uncle Danny and stayed for a couple of hours. Sunday morning we went to Bunbury Ten Pin Bowling for a Camp Quality Family Fun Day, our first ever. The kids had a brilliant time and got to see their friend Damon from RMH who Anika has not seen for ages. There were choccy frogs, sandwiches, hot chips, muffins galore, cool drinks and bikkies; what more could a kid want?! My Dad came down from Mandurah for a bit of a visit in the afternoon and we had a quietish night with the kids being right little buggers again. Monday morning we headed back home to unpack, do washing and all the other fun stuff you do when you get back from holidays.

We are still waiting to get dates for Josh's first ear surgery (to replace the eardrum) and for scan dates. I've been in contact with Disability Services and the lovely Kim has now got the ball rolling with Speech Pathology. There are so many balls to juggle and I only have two hands!!! As soon as I get a few balls in the air I notice one sitting on the ground and go to pick it up only to have all the other balls come tumbling down around me! The things I never knew BC (Before Cancer).

Anyhow, we are all healthy and generally well if a bit tired and grumpy. Looking forward to getting my tattoo done on the weekend as I will get to sit still for a whole hour and noone will be screaming in my ear (OK, maybe I will, but I am talking about the midgets who have taken over my life! AKA Josh & Anika).

Hoping the storms have missed you and that you are all happy and healthy,


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