Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Days Of Our Lives...

Well, what a week! And the next couple of weeks should be even busier! *groan* I am almost done with my Cert IV Small Business Management and also Cert II Auslan. There have been friend's birthdays, my beautiful nephew's naming ceremony coming up and the ladies from Make-A-Wish are coming on Saturday - WOO HOO!!! We have started seeing a speech therapist for Josh's language develoment as a sideline to the hearing issues. Finally, finally, FINALLY have a date for Josh's first ear surgery for the 10th July to replace the eardrum. Six months later he can have the bones replaced but that is dependent upon the success of the eardrum graft.

Scans are still a big mess and as far as we know, Peter has to take Josh to Perth on 30th June for scans, drive back home 3rd July right after GA for CAT scan and go into Albany Regional Hospital for his circumcision on 4th July. I take him back to Perth 8th July and home when he is recovered enough from the surgery. Poor little man is going to have a couple of weeks of agony coming up, but at least it will be over with before kindy starts and his ear will not be such an infection risk.

The ear has been pouring fluid out again which, believe it or not, is a good thing as it means there is no blockage and the fluid is not smelly which is always a bonus!!! Our GP called yesterday saying the urine catecholeamines were a concern (they are Neuroblastoma markers) but when I saw the results, the catecholeamines were missing so they either did not get printed or did not get taken! The infection marker in his blood was elevated so possibly a mild ear infection causing the ooze? Here's hoping that the GP doesn't have any results we are not privvy to as it is agony waiting to hear news about a possible relapse...
Hope for the best, reach for the stars and pray for good health,


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