Monday, May 4, 2009

Just Being.

The lesson we are currently learning from Josh is to be content just to be here and forget about dashing around. Work, bills, appointments - all necessary but not IMPORTANT! Spending time with Josh and being there to give him what he needs is important. Our rent inspection tomorrow seems ridiculous just now but is also nonetheless necessary.

Could all of you reading please start thinking about your memories of Josh? What I would like to do is rather than sympathy cards is for everyone to write their favourite memory of Josh (even if it is a second hand one retold by someone else) on a piece of paper and to slip it into a box at his celebration, whenever that is. I plan to make them up in a scrapbook when I am ready in the future as something tangible for Anika to hang on to when she is older so she understands the impact Josh has had on the lives of others. As she is so young, most of her memories of Josh seem to be full of hospitals and his suffering so we'd like some happy ones please! If you could start thinking about this and tell others about our wishes for his celebration should they wish to attend (ie. no flowers, donations to and bright colours) it would be greatly appreciated.

Right now Josh is tired and a bit down but still with his fighting spirit in tact. He has even attempted to walk a couple of times (without success, but he tried). Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.



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