Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve!

It's one sleep til christmas and the kids are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! I have to admit I am too although, once again, it will be tinged with sadness as it will be Josh's last. I have to say what an amazing few weeks Josh has had though!

First there was the Variety Skywest Joyflight on 14th which was such a ball (check out the photo of Josh schmoozing with Santa!) and all the kids were really well behaved. During the hour long flight we saw incredible scenery along the southern coastline from Albany to Walpole and back whilst Santa mingled, the flight crew served cool drinks and chockies and brought around colouring books. Josh decided he needed to sit with Santa on the descent as he was in the seat right behind us.

I had a christmas party for my old work at TAFE which was also great fun with the surprise gift of a very nice cheque for us from all of the staff members who donated money to us through Rotary East Albany. Thank you all so much. It was great to catch up with them all too, they are such fantastic people collectively and individually.

We also had a fantastic time with a ride on a Harley trike in to Carols By Candlelight for Josh with Santa thanks to Apex. You guys are legends, Josh loved the experience although he was a bit sore by the end of procedings.

We have had several bits in the paper (advertiser Extra last Thursday, Tuesdays Advertiser and on WIN news allegedly last night but hopefully tonight) thanks guys and Rachael in particular for giving us the opportunity to raise community awareness and thank everyone who has helped us on this rocky road. I have to mention our friends Tammy, Martin, Alex and Phillip who we haven't seen now for two years dropped off a fantastic present of some money this week after seeing Josh in the paper. They are so kind and although we are not starving, we are considering taking Josh over to Queensland again as he asks day in and day out to go again and this will go a long way toward helping that so thanks guys. Thanks also to Mira Mar Vets and Greg Kidd for offering to treat our little poochy for free. I did work experience with Greg years ago and he is a great bloke and really wanted to help. What a star.

We had a great time at our friend Annie's daughted Takiya's birthday party on the weekend. Great food, nice weather, a park, a great group of kids and birthday cake - what more could you want?! The kids were rapt to be there as they haven't been to too many birthday parties and they met some other kids to have fun with. There was even a bouncy castle, Annie did an awesome job of playing hostess, it was really nice to be there.

Yesterday we had a great day out with the lovely McKenzies who took us to the Alpaca Farm for Josh's birthday present. We actually saw an alpaca giving birth while we were there! The mum seemed completely unfazed, just standing there eating and getting pats with a huge calf hanging our of her! The kids all had so much fun running amok and being wild with all the animals then heading to Bartholemews Meadery for a honey icecream and a look at the bees. It's one of Josh's favourite places to go, he just loves seeing the bees making honey in the encased honeycomb window there, I have to say it IS mesmerising. We then went to their place for a spot of fourwheeler action and I think it was as much fun for Laughton and Laura as the kids! Thanks for an amazing day, we love spending time with you!

Josh had first go on the kids present last night- a new trampoline- and he loved it. They have bounced the thing to death already!!! We are looking forward to a great laid back christmas with a quick stop off at the kids ward in the morning for me to deliver turkey, salad and apple berry crumble to the amazing nurses for christmas lunch. We are then heading to mum and dad's for christmas lunch (Surf'n'Turf BBQ, YUM!) and then tea at Michael and Marysia's place for a run around with the other kids.

Thanks go to everyone who has been there for us in whatever way shap or form and especially to those who have and continue to donate blood. I hope you and your families all have an amazingly happy christmas and have your loved ones around you. Love and prosperity for the new year,


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