Saturday, November 8, 2008

We have a new addition!!!

No, not a baby, definately not but a lovely sweet and very funny puppy called Fudge. He is a 8 1/2 week old Chihuahua X Shih Tzu boy and he is Champagne and White in colour. We found him on Friday night and the first thing Joshy said when he saw him was "Hello my dog Fudge, I love you so much!"...we had to get him even though we did NOT want a Chihuahua or a male dog, we got both.

He's had a few accidents as you'd expect but he seems to be perfect so far, gentle, playful and so so tiny! Needless to say, the kids are over the moon and fought about who would get to have the first turn to hold his lead on his first trip to the beach. He really isn't fond of the water and especially hated his bath after the beach but he's fit right in with us and we already couldn't imagine life without him. It is amazing what love and joy a puppy can add to your life.
We had a delightful day at the hospital on Thursday having blood and platelets but Josh felt so much better afterwards. He had a lot of pain while we were up there until he fell asleep for an hour and Mum arrived with the pain meds. Poor little man kept telling me "I can't stand this any more mummy" I bawled my eyes out.
Last night Josh had something new when he developed and anaphylactic reaction to the icecream he ate (we presume) that contained coconut oil. Withing a few minutes he was yelling and crying about strange things which we put down to tiredness but he then said his nose hurt a bit later while I was putting him to bed. As I watched his lip swelled to triple the size and his eyes were swelling and his nose blocked up. When he said his throat hurt I got very panicked but when Peter took him up, after some Phenergan and a bit of time he got quite a lot better and by the time Mum got to our place to look after Anika and I drove to the hospital he was calm and reading a book. Although he looked terrible and said he felt a bit dizzy and yukky for the day, he is fine thank god. The worst part was seeing Anika so distressed that Josh had to be rushed off, obviously in a lot of discomfort. The poor little thing was shaking like a leaf and crying her eyes out because she was so worried about Josh. I tried to be as calm as I could, but she picked up on how serious things are. She still talks a lot about going to heaven to be with Nanna and baby Blake and Naomi. She at least knows how beautiful it is there and is not upset any more about the idea of going there and even draws pictures and makes christmas presents to take to them "when I am a grown up lady and I go to heaven".
The picture of Anika asleep on the chair is just so classic! She goes and goes and then conks out as soon as she sits down. I call her Sleeping Beauty and she loves it when I read the story to her before bed (twice tonight). She looks so uncomfortable but sat like that asleep for two hours so it can't be that bad!

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