Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Holiday Photos

Here are the pics as promised of the Make-A-Wish Trip, so much fun!

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur really with a cycle of chemo and an admission to Albany Regional Hospital thrown in just to confuse things! Josh tolerated the chemo quite well with only one vomit and actually made a freind while he was inpatient! It was not a happy week with the chemo going on but at least he tolerated it well physically even though he struggled mentally with the idea of going through further treatment.

After we all came home on the Sunday we ran about madly doing things, going to visit grandparents and packing away the entrails of our Perth stay. Let me tell you, it took a while!

On Tuesday we booked an appointment with the GP to get a form for counts and we discovered how different things really are in Albany! We had to get booked in to the Oncology clinic on the Thursday for counts to be done and when it was established he really DID need platelets, we had to get booked in the next day to get admitted for the transfusion! No outpatient business here! The platelets did not get in until late and by then I had also convinced them along with the shocking red cell count (64!) that he also needed blood. Due to the fact he had developed a virus and a temp we also had to stay for the two IV antibiotics to be run. The blood got there very late that night and we stayed another night after that so he could have the full whack of antibiotics. I have to say that the nurses and Dr Mildenhall have really bent over backwards to help us out anyway they can. They are friendly, caring and heaps of fun for a sick and tired little man to talk to.

Since then Josh's cough hasn't really improved and I woke up today after only a couple of hours sleep feeling like I had been drugged senseless and had swallowed some chook grit for good measure. This is a real shocker of a cold so we have been avoiding getting close to too many people. Now I know how Joshy felt in hospital when he just wanted to sleep all day, but he also needed blood and platelets!!! Poor little thing.

Peter's grandad is coming to stay today and other friends from Ronald McDonald House (RMH) Rolly and Viv are bringing their kids Shaylarna, Akyra and Zoltyn down to visit us later in the week as they are in Perth for Akyra's heart surgery and have now moved on from "The House" and back up north. It'll be great to see them!

These last couple of pics are from PMH and ARH, note the not so impressed look on his face! The smiley one is in our "new home" at unit 6 RMH.

Congratulations to Fee, Jas, Kody and the lovely Miss Immie on your scan results! You are true champs and we love you all to bits! We may actually even get to catch up with you one day at Hotel PMH!

Better go and nurse my cold and feel sorry for myself for a couple of minutes til the kids wake up!


PS, Check out the YouTube clip here if you are prepared for a cry, it is beautiful but heartwrenching. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Wwi87drDKk

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