Monday, August 11, 2008

Thus begins the "fortnight of stress"

Today the boys are off to Perth for scan week and I have to admit that although I have been feeling a bit more positive that we will be able to cope with the possibility of moving to the US, I am still VERY scared about what we may hear next Wednesday about the scans. It is always possible that they will say it is far too late to look at clinical trials as salvage therapy or that he will not be eligible or accepted into the trials or that we won't raise them money in time... there are a lot of variables as you can see but there is a slim chance we will get Josh back so that is what we are focussed on. Once the negative thoughts surface it makes it a lot harder to get through the day. He has been getting a lot of diarrhoea (again a symptom of the NB).

We had a great weekend with me going out on the town with Marysia for Morgan's going away party which I really ended up enjoying in spite of being exhausted and coming down with a cold. I haven't really had a big night out at the pub since I got pregnant with Josh so it's a long time between drinks so to speak! I also got to meet up with the lovely Tammy and Abby for a catch up and some yummy cheesecake slics and Abby came over for tea which we all loved. The kids woke up the next morning asking where Ab was! That's the reason they wouldn't go to sleep apparently! Anika has been having lots of nightmares and is so scared of the dark she won't go to sleep a lot of the time and last night Josh got up at 4.30 to go to the toilet and had huge tantrums so we haven't been getting a whole lot of sleep!

We had a morning at the beach believe it or not on sunday as we took Dorothy - Anika's crazy crab - to the beach to find her a new shell and had a play at the playground, look at the ship in dock at the harbour and a quick whiz around the Boatshed Markets before headign home to put the kids to bed (not that they slept!), mow the lawns and pack for Perth. Kim, Clare, Sam and Lauren came to visit and Anika sent Clare off with a list of things to briong to the BBQ for her birthday on Saturday; pink boxes with ponies inside for presents, fairy bread, lollies and pink fairy balloons! Are we sensing a theme here?! She is so excited about her birthday!

We collected Granny from the busstop and took her home for tea and kids were very tired and cranky the whole evening. Pete and Josh are going to have a very long trip today methinks!!!

Hi to Immie the little star who is currently in Hotel PMH having her port removed. All our love little princess, hopefully the boys will see you up there.

Green thoughts of peace and tranquility,

Hannah. XXXXX

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